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Unbound 200

After finishing 2nd last year, I came to Emporia with the goal to get that one place better. I arrived as well prepared as I could, both physically and mentally. I had really good first half of the race, but around 200km into the race, I flatted on an uphill section when passing a rider who lost contact with the group. I tried to stay calm, but needed 2 plugs and 2 CO2s to fix the flat. The race for win was probably over by the time I fixed it, but did not gave up and chased hard. Some 20km later I flatted again, this time on a downhill. I probably stopped riding that carefully as in the first half of the race, or was just unlucky and sliced the rear tire on these sharp stones. This time, I needed to put in a tube and had to ask passing riders for help, as I did not have any more CO2s which saved me from some 2h hike to the next tech zone. I am grateful I could get there on a bike, change the wheel and empty myself during the last 85km, where I just chased groups ahead and passed some 30 riders. Still, it was enough only for 40th place, but at least I scored some points in the Life Time Grand Prix. It is a pity I could not put on a proper fight for the win, but in this race one has to be lucky. In the mean time I will make sure to put my good form into use on the upcoming races. Next one will be one of my favourite ones, FNLD gravel in Lahti.



Unbound 4

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Gralloch 3rd place

Traka 200 victory

Traka victory


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